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Breaking up is hard to do… Breaking a lease is Harder!

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Rental leases can be simple or complicated. Some are established in general terms and do not designate responsibility completely. Others are overly detailed and address every plausible scenario regarding all parties. But, there is one thing consistent with all leases. A duly enforceable lease is difficult to break and often easy to violate. The contract is effectively an agreement that the leasing party will pay the manager a specific amount of money in exchange for the right to legally occupy the space for a designated duration of time. Regardless of the details, the lease is typically an enforceable agreement that designates legal authority to collect the rental fees unless a tenant can legally claim a pre-designated exception. This is the basic element of property management in San Diego, and all professional leasing agents know these problems can arise for their tenants. 


Unacceptable Maintenance

Landlords are required by law to maintain any property they rent for regular occupancy. Tenants who notify a landlord in writing or file a claim with a government agency can often break a lease when the landlord does not repair the problem shortly after notification. This is a basic requirement for all property management companies in San Diego


Unlawful Entry

Landlords cannot typically enter a tenant’s unit without at least 24-hour notification. Even then, there are certain restrictions governing a valid request for entry, and any other unlawful entry incidents could be grounds for invalidating the lease. Residential property management teams understand this is potentially breach of contract and comply in a most common situations. 


Military Assignment

Military personnel have no control over when they receive orders to relocate. Because of this governmental requirement, the law stipulates they can terminate a lease whenever this occurs. Residential property management companies know this in advance when they rent to military tenants, and ending a lease should be no problem. 


Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence is a serious safety issue for everyone in a residential area. Those who have been victims of domestic violence can often end a lease by claiming safety issues in certain cases, but incidents should be reported to police in order to establish some form of documentation. Companies conducting property management in San Diego understand this problem too well, and always want their facilities safe for all residents. 


It is important to remember that legal action can happen when tenants violate the terms of a lease, and the issue can mean much more than an eviction. Leases are typically binding contracts with very few loopholes, and entering into a lease is a serious financial transaction that should be thoroughly evaluated beforehand by the leasing party.

Why mommies have the best property management?

property management san diego

Moms everywhere are happy with the services they received from working with a property manager. Maybe you’re one of those moms who wants to increase profit from your investments and increase the value of your property. Here are four important reasons why you should work with property management in San Diego.


Reason #1: You Make More Money With a Property Manager


The biggest reason why moms have the best property management is that they make more money working with one. Most property owners choose not to work with a property manager because of the high costs involved. What you may not know is that you’ll make more money in the long run because of the increased care of your property. You’ll experience better tenants and less turnover because they’re happy with your property.


Reason #2: Property Managers Save You Time & Headaches


Moms have enough to deal with. They have constant headaches from bills, work, children, and their spouse. On top of that, they’re their own landlord. They could make better use of their time by working with a property manager.


Owning a property becomes a full-time job because they’re busy with collecting late payments, dealing with complaints, finding vendors, handling repairs, preparing the property for new tenants, and tracking rental payments. This is enough to drive most moms out of their mind. Giving some of these responsibilities to one of the property management companies in San Diego can relieve the stress associated with owning a property.


Reason #3: You Have Better Tenants Thanks to Screening


When you work with residential property management that has knowledge and experience, they’ll know how to find the best tenants. They have the tools and techniques to weed out the bad tenants from the good. They’ll conduct a thorough background check to look for potential tenants with a bad background or rental history.


You’ll have a wider pool of applicants to choose from due to advertising and marketing programs. The right residential property management company may already have a long waitlist of potential tenants. This results in better tenants for your property.


Reason #4: Property Managers Know the Law


Maybe you’re not familiar with the state and federal laws for becoming a landlord. You probably don’t because you’re a busy mother. Another advantage of hiring a property manager is that you avoid legal issues. Since property management companies in San Diego understand the state and federal laws for screening and selecting tenants, you avoid breaking discrimination laws.


In the event that you need to evict a tenant, your property manager knows what steps to take that will save time and money and won’t affect the law.

When you work with a property management company or a property manager, you’re able to keep a friendly distance between you and your tenants. Not only do you make more money, but you also have more time for your family. When issues arise, property management in San Diego has the knowledge to deal with the problem efficiently. This can save you the hassle from managing the property on your own.

How to Handle Tenants with Pets?

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PET FRIENDLY – Residential Property Management owners often struggle with the choice of allowing or forbidding pets. There is a case to be made for operating a pet friendly property. The primary reason would be casting a wider net in search of tenants. There is a nearly underground network of pet lovers who create an informal alliance. These renters share names of discounted pet food vendors, quality kennels or “pet spas” and other such information. Rental experts like property management companies in San Diego know that this creates the opportunity for property owners to become favored housing providers with this fellowship of potential tenants. This is a prime example of the impact of “word-of-mouth” advertising. One way to handle the pet question is to have the pet residency become a part of the lease verbiage, such as parameters of what is allowed and disallowed regarding pet size or weight (example: no dogs over 50 pounds), and species (example: no reptiles or birds). Allowing pets provides the opportunity to include an extra monthly or one-time charge. Most property management companies in San Diego and pet owners view this charge as expected and appropriate.


FOE OF PROPERTY OWNERS: One glaring case against pets in residential leased units as recognized by property management San Diego is the potential for property damage. The fundamental problem with screening out property damage is that each pet and pet-owner are unique. One schnauzer dog may be a sweetheart and behave with respect for carpet while another seemingly identical schnauzer may turn the owner’s carpet into a barn floor. This is nearly impossible to recognize at the formation of the lease contract. Therefore, there is a degree of luck and risk involved with a pro-pet policy.


THE PET FIASCO: As with any lease addendum, pet policies are somewhat interpretive in language, enforceability and scope. As property management San Diego knows, there is an inherent difficulty in making pet clauses in leases specific enough, while maintaining an acceptable level of flexibility. Property owners have enough difficulty collecting delinquent rent payments without adding missing pet fees to the mix. Collecting money, either from security deposits or damage litigation, makes for additional hassle and headache. For owners, the advice of a solid property management firm on these issues is money well spent.

5 Home Gadgets to Save Energy and Entertain

property management san diego

Everyone wants to save money when possible, and many times that translates to saving energy. In the modern world of amazing gadgets, there are five basic tools that property management San Diego companies say can be utilized within a home that not only saves money and energy, but becomes excellent discussion topics and cool devices to use while entertaining friends. While some gadgets are self-containing and are easy to install, that is not the truth when optimum performance is needed. Having devices installed by a professional property management San Diego team may be the best decision in the long run depending on the device. Here are few items that any homeowner should consider.


  1. Luke Roberts Smart Lamp


The Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is an overhead lighting device that produces directional light beams depending on where the light is needed. This cuts down on non-directional illumination lighting an entire area using artificial intelligence.


  1. Hello Egg


Organization is vital when entertaining frequently in your home, and having a device that can help in any fashion is a plus. Hello Egg is just such a gadget, and can complete a wide variety of tasks that includes helping arrange pantries, compiling shopping lists, and even ordering groceries from the store. Residential property management professionals love this tool and recommend it for anyone regardless of the kitchen layout.


  1. Air TV


Television viewing is always important when entertaining friends, and the more options the better in most situations. Air TV is a great addition to any home because it can be coupled with an antenna system that can be installed permanently and provide supplemental over-the-air television entertainment at any time free of charge other than the electricity needed to power the gadget. Property management companies in San Diego see this as a great device for any home.


  1. Sony A1E LED TV


Talk about a discussion piece for the home! The Sony A1E television produces a high definition television screen with a sound like no other video unit. The sound comes directly from the screen with optimum clarity and quality. Never mind an external professional sound system. The television itself is self-contained when audio is delivered, offering clean sound in absolute stealth compared to other viewing devices.


  1. Kuri


Cool tools for your home are always excellent when showing off your dwelling’s special features, including a security camera system that is both space age and practical in application. Kuri is just such a gadget, as it can be used as a command center for viewing other areas of the home with the click of a button in real time. This is a real favorite for all property management companies in San Diego whether you intend to entertain or not.

Why Newly Wed Couples Need a Property Manager

residential property management

Residential property management can be an exhaustive full time job for owners who try to do everything with the business personally. Depending on the number of properties and individual owns, it can clearly take time away from enjoying life with their family, even when they are married and run the business together. This is not to mention the fact that it can be detrimental for a newly married couple. Newlyweds often have a packed agenda of things they would like to do together, including vacations and weekend getaways in and around the San Diego and southern California region. Having a San Diego residential property management team handling existing properties can be a real advantage in a variety of ways, but especially when the couple is also considering new purchasers in the area.


Property Maintenance


Property maintenance is just one area of residential business management that all landlords are required to perform. Even when the work is done by private contractors, property owners must still inspect all problems and make decisions on how to proceed and who will do the work. Property management companies in San Diego handle these types of responsibilities on a daily basis, and having the right management group in charge means you will have a reliable professional property management company ensuring your property is maintained and your renters happy.


Maintaining Monthly Records


Another time-consuming process in property management is collecting rent on a specified schedule. While this is typically done on a monthly basis, that is not always the case. Many times it is actually necessary to operate a continual office that can become a full-time job. Having a reputable San Diego residential property management company means that all aspects of the business can be handled professionally, from property maintenance to cash flow management by a bonded agency.


The Importance of Personal Time


There are few things as important to a newly married couple than time management. Enjoying the benefits of wealth that can lead to a property management business still includes making time available to enjoy life to its full extent. This can be more important for couples who have just wed because building a healthy relationship after marriage takes personal investment in time probably more so than anything else. The intense nature of the property management business means this can be a challenge. Even though there are many residential property management companies in San Diego, having the right one for your business is vital. Call our residential property management team today and let us tell you how we can help.

When you are getting married with a property manager

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Marriage is possibly the most serious life event for anyone entering into a vow, but there are several aspects of the union that everyone should consider before the final “I do” day. Marriage is an emotional union between the two spouses, but it is generally viewed by the legal system as a business arrangement in many respects. After all, a license is required for any marriage to be official and certain aspects of a business operation also apply to a wedded couple. These applications should be evaluated by any parties entering into holy matrimony, especially if one of the spouses is involved in residential property management. Here are a few reasons why this is important.


Income as Community Property


While each party to a marriage can have prior personal assets that are not necessarily considered community property in the view of the law, income generated from those assets after the fact of valid marriage is typically the property of both spouses if a divorce were to occur. Married couples are business partners to a large degree, and personal asset allowance will always be a component of a potential divorce proceeding. Prenuptial agreements are usually the legal method chosen to avoid this possible dilemma, even if discussing the topic is problematic. The law of business still applies, and an understanding beforehand is always best.


Working in Property Management in San Diego


Rental property management companies in San Diego are numerous, and competition for qualified management employees is typically very keen. Having the right person in company employ is very important, and many times the right person for the job is the spouse of the original company owner. Given that a property management business is actually a family business for a married couple, it is often an advantage for the primary owner to train the spouse in how the business functions. Property management can be an intense and competitive industry in high-value areas like San Diego, especially if real estate sales are also part of the process, and a successful company operated by a married couple can also contribute significantly to a happy marriage.


Third-Party Management


One of the best alternatives for a married couple with extensive real estate holdings is retaining a third-party professional managing company to handle daily business operations. Property management in San Diego can be a high-volume activity business, and many married couples with high-volume cash flow can be much happier by contracting a reputable local property management team who already understands the business, allowing the newly married couple to focus on starting their family.

7 Photography Tips to Improve Your Rental Listings in San Diego

property management san diego

  1. Focus

Photos are the first thing a potential renter will see when browsing through homes or apartments for rent. Draw the viewer’s eye to what you want them to remember most about the property you are renting out. Focus on the best features while omitting anything that may cause distraction.


  1. Wide Shots


Always take plenty of photos at different angles that will show as much of the room as possible. Zooming in on counter tops and cabinets in the kitchen does not give the viewer enough information on the room size (which many renters find important).


  1. Consider the Angles


Shooting a room from a straight ahead view will make the room look smaller. Corner shots and different angles and heights will add dimension to the photo while make the room appear larger.


  1. Natural Light


Great photos is all about the lighting. Try to take photos during the day time with curtains and blinds open, allowing as much sunlight into the room as possible. Dark rooms will appear blurry and gloomy while natural sunlight makes a room appear clean and cheerful.


  1. Watch the Glare


While natural sunlight helps the room look warm and bright it’s important to watch that the sunlight doesn’t enter the room directly. Consider different angles that will show off the room without causing a glare from the sun.


  1. Get Rid of the People


Nothing’s worse than rental property photos that showcase the current residents or their pets. This distracts the viewer from the look of the room as they will be more concentrated on the person or animal captured in the picture.


  1. Use Photo Editing Tools Sparingly


Most smartphones come with photo editing tools that are easy to use, but be careful when it comes to adjusting the brightness or contrast too much. Overly edited photos can make it appear that the property management in San Diego is trying to hide undesirable features.


If you’re responsible for property management in San Diego and looking to improve your rental listing, Melroy Properties can help you. Give us a call today or visit us online at

5 Ways a Property Manager Can Improve Your Retail Shopping Center

property management san diego

Buying a shopping center was meant to be a slam-dunk investment. And, while you realized that there would be certain responsibilities as the owner, but you never thought they would impede your life! It may have become more demanding, tedious, and unrelenting than you ever imagined. While you enjoy the extra income, you never wanted to sign yourself up for what is essentially an additional part time job.


That is why is imperative that you hire yourself a property manager to handle the everyday duties that you don’t have the time or patience for. Commercial management is much more complicated than residential property management. But, if you hire the right person, they may even enable you to add value to your property by enhancing its ability to be rented without ongoing issues. While working with property management San Diego property owners can lessen their burdens and add value to their shopping centers in the following 5 ways:


  1. Increasing Property Value


When your shopping center is properly maintained, and is constantly in its best condition, tenants will flock to you and will be cooperative and happy to rent from you. This means that that your property is destined to makes you a ton of money!


Also, investors are just salivating for commercial properties that mean these conditions, and if you decide to sell in the future, they may pay you above-average prices compared to the surrounding marketplace.


  1. Refraining from the Worry of Repetitive Tasks


There are many worries that come with managing a shopping center property. They may be insignificant or complex, but they never seem to end, regardless.


It can be time-consuming and life-altering to stay on top of so many responsibilities when you are already managing a family, marriage, and another career. Maybe you are retired and you want to spend time with your grandchildren or traveling. Hiring a property manager can take this pressure off of you. They also are likely to have the expertise and experience to get the job done more effectively than any layperson could.


  1. Communicating with Tenants


Tenants can be a pain in the neck sometimes, and outside of a few exceptions, they are expected to live up to the terms of their original leases. After all, they will expect you to do the same. However, when a tenant requests something, or makes a complaint, you may feel overwhelmed. No one wants to be the villain in such a situation.


That is why it is crucial to hire a property manager to communicate with your tenants in your place. There are many property management companies in San Diego and they will enforce the terms of the original lease, and act as a mediator between you and your renters.


  1. Keeping your Property Maintained


If your property is not well-maintained, your tenants cannot attract the retail business of their customers. If they cannot make money, they can’t pay you. Also, maintenance issues can lead to accidents that may result in major personal injury lawsuits, and that means income loss and increases in insurance premiums.


You cannot handle all maintenance issues alone. Not only will it get overwhelming quite fast, but you may not even know how to handle a problem or who to contact to take care of it for you. However, one of the many property management companies in San Diego will have the time to meet with contractors and secure bids that are reasonable and competitive.


  1. Managing Recurring Vendors


There are several vendors that you will work with on an ongoing basis, such as trash removal and landscaping companies. It can be cumbersome to supervise these vendors to ensure that their work is being performed regularly and properly. That is why when it comes to property management San Diego citizens know hiring a helper can be a lifesaver. He or she can monitor the quality and frequency of such services so you will never hear complaints about service that is sub-par.


In conclusion, hiring a property manager can make life so much easier for a shopping center owner. And, when it comes to property management San Diego residents know that hiring someone to run their property for them is much more than a good idea, it’s a wise investment.

5 Responsibilities of a Property Manager

property management san diego

Property management in San Diego is a great life. Living in such a beautiful area, tenants can have a tendency to expect a lot from their property manager. Here are five responsibilities for a property manager to be aware of before you get involved.


  1. Maintenance and repairs

When something goes wrong, you are the person that everyone calls. You need to be prepared to handle a variety of different possible problems. You must handle them within a reasonable amount of time, and you need to fix the problem properly. Your tenants deserve to live in a safe place with proper facilities.


  1. Finding tenants

Tenants aren’t going to knock on your door unless you announce that you are renting. It’s your job to place ads in different areas and put up signs to let people know that there are rooms available. People in commercial property management might want to network at local business functions.


It’s also your responsibility to run any credit checks or background checks on the tenant. Property management companies in San Diego can run background checks quickly and easily online.


  1. Knowledge

With property management in San Diego, it’s expected that you be up to date with the laws in your area so that you can abide by them properly. Be sure to get yourself educated. It’s also important to keep up on any changes that may occur. Knowledge is power for both you and your tenant.


You’ll also need to be knowledgeable about the market in your local area since you set the rent. You want to know what other people are charging for similar properties.


  1. Finances

Being a property manager can be profitable, but it can also be quite expensive. It’s the property manager’s responsibility to manage the finances and ensure that there is enough money set aside to handle any emergency that might happen. This means not spending money on things that they can’t afford and saving for when something needs to be done.


  1. Managing employees

Many property managers need help to manage their affairs. This is especially true if they have multiple properties. It’s the property manager’s responsibility to manage the employees and any vacant apartments or properties.


Property management companies in San Diego must know their responsibilities so that they can complete them properly and create a good living environment for tenants. This also applies to commercial property management.


For more information on Property Management, contact Melroy Property Management at (858) 780-5111.


It’s the property manager’s responsibility to manage the employees and any vacant apartments or properties. Contact Melroy Property Management at (858) 780-5111.

What You Should Know About Property Management in San Diego and the Environment

property management san diegoProtecting the environment is important to San Diegans. Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, and are looking to their property managers to provide sustainable spaces to improve both the health and productivity of their employees, as well as their bottom line. Commercial property management firms, then, should focus on providing those sustainable spaces, or “going green,” not only to satisfy tenants, but to have a positive impact on revenues.


Increasing Environmental Requirements

Over the past 25 years, more and more buildings have been built or retrofitted to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council and is recognized worldwide to indicate implementation of sustainable construction.


Other recognized programs are the Energy Star Certified Building Program, a joint program of the EPA and the Department of Energy; the Green Globes environmental assessment rating tool, maintained by the Green Building Initiative; and the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark. It is especially important that property management in San Diego pursue at least one of these certifications or ratings, since buildings can account for about one-third of a city’s carbon dioxide emissions.


Today tenants, whether building their own facility or occupying an existing one, have shown increased interest in their property manager providing sustainable building practices. Commercial property management firms can do so by leveraging technology and installing connected or “smart” devices to control lighting, temperature, water usage, etc.


Financial Impact

Recent studies have shown that mortgage holders on buildings that are LEED-certified or Energy Star-labeled are 30 percent less likely to default, and that implementing the recommendations of LEED-related audits can show a nearly 60 percent return on investment. To offer the best property management in San Diego, then, is to take advantage of the link between sustainability and improved financial performance.


One way to do so is by use of “green” leases, sometimes referred to as energy efficient leases or aligned leases, because they align the financial and environmental interests of building owners and tenants in conserving resources and ensuring efficient operation of the building. This alignment can result in a reduction of capitalization rates and operating costs and an increase in property values.


To that end, the best property management in San Diego will be that which implements strategies and policies geared toward sustainable working environments for tenants and their employees, resulting in improved financial performance for all parties involved.

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