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Home Repairs You Should Know in Case of Emergencies

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Property management companies in San Diego understand there are certain emergencies that can happen at home needing attention immediately when a calamity happens. While property management in San Diego is ultimately responsible for making repairs, some problems cannot wait for the maintenance personnel to arrive. And, some repairs are beyond the capability of the maintenance team and require expert knowledge, such as licensed electricians. Choices for emergency repairs commonly come down to two options, with one being calling the management group so they can send a repair professional and the other being the “do it yourself” option when all parties are agreeable. The scope of the long-term damage will generally control this decision, but it is still good for occupants to know the basics of stopping the problem before it worsens when they cannot repair it personally. And, there are two central issues every tenant should have some working knowledge of how to repair for the short term.


Water Leaks


Everyone needs running water throughout their home, and water flow can be one of the most common problems in any residential dwelling. Problems can range from leaks around faucets or busted pipes to commodes that are not functioning properly. Knowing where to shut off the water entry is important for every tenant when it can be accessed, and many times this is the only remedy. Slow leaks can be problematic as well, but sometimes they can be fixed temporarily until the residential property management group can send repair personnel. And, always make sure to have a toilet plunger somewhere near or in the bathroom storage, as issues can occur periodically.


Electrical Problems


Electrical power is another common problem that can go off without a moments notice for a variety of reasons. One simple and regular issue involves circuit breakers, which is a relatively simple fix. Knowing the location of the circuit breaker is always important in case of an emergency breaker tripping, but it is always best to contact the landlord even when repairable because it could be a sign of a worse problem. Electrical issues can lead to fires very easily, and damage could be much worse that structural. Always inform the property manager even with a periodical breaker trip.

It is indeed the responsibility of property management in San Diego to permanently repair any structural damage to a rental unit or home, and tenants should not be reluctant to inform the management team. Truly professional and responsible management groups like Melroy Properties appreciate tenants who call them immediately when an emergency occurs, and they pride themselves on prompt repair service.     

Posted by: melroyproperties on August 6, 2019
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