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Breaking up is hard to do… Breaking a lease is Harder!

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Rental leases can be simple or complicated. Some are established in general terms and do not designate responsibility completely. Others are overly detailed and address every plausible scenario regarding all parties. But, there is one thing consistent with all leases. A duly enforceable lease is difficult to break and often easy to violate. The contract is effectively an agreement that the leasing party will pay the manager a specific amount of money in exchange for the right to legally occupy the space for a designated duration of time. Regardless of the details, the lease is typically an enforceable agreement that designates legal authority to collect the rental fees unless a tenant can legally claim a pre-designated exception. This is the basic element of property management in San Diego, and all professional leasing agents know these problems can arise for their tenants. 


Unacceptable Maintenance

Landlords are required by law to maintain any property they rent for regular occupancy. Tenants who notify a landlord in writing or file a claim with a government agency can often break a lease when the landlord does not repair the problem shortly after notification. This is a basic requirement for all property management companies in San Diego


Unlawful Entry

Landlords cannot typically enter a tenant’s unit without at least 24-hour notification. Even then, there are certain restrictions governing a valid request for entry, and any other unlawful entry incidents could be grounds for invalidating the lease. Residential property management teams understand this is potentially breach of contract and comply in a most common situations. 


Military Assignment

Military personnel have no control over when they receive orders to relocate. Because of this governmental requirement, the law stipulates they can terminate a lease whenever this occurs. Residential property management companies know this in advance when they rent to military tenants, and ending a lease should be no problem. 


Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence is a serious safety issue for everyone in a residential area. Those who have been victims of domestic violence can often end a lease by claiming safety issues in certain cases, but incidents should be reported to police in order to establish some form of documentation. Companies conducting property management in San Diego understand this problem too well, and always want their facilities safe for all residents. 


It is important to remember that legal action can happen when tenants violate the terms of a lease, and the issue can mean much more than an eviction. Leases are typically binding contracts with very few loopholes, and entering into a lease is a serious financial transaction that should be thoroughly evaluated beforehand by the leasing party.

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