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How to Handle Tenants with Pets?

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PET FRIENDLY – Residential Property Management owners often struggle with the choice of allowing or forbidding pets. There is a case to be made for operating a pet friendly property. The primary reason would be casting a wider net in search of tenants. There is a nearly underground network of pet lovers who create an informal alliance. These renters share names of discounted pet food vendors, quality kennels or “pet spas” and other such information. Rental experts like property management companies in San Diego know that this creates the opportunity for property owners to become favored housing providers with this fellowship of potential tenants. This is a prime example of the impact of “word-of-mouth” advertising. One way to handle the pet question is to have the pet residency become a part of the lease verbiage, such as parameters of what is allowed and disallowed regarding pet size or weight (example: no dogs over 50 pounds), and species (example: no reptiles or birds). Allowing pets provides the opportunity to include an extra monthly or one-time charge. Most property management companies in San Diego and pet owners view this charge as expected and appropriate.


FOE OF PROPERTY OWNERS: One glaring case against pets in residential leased units as recognized by property management San Diego is the potential for property damage. The fundamental problem with screening out property damage is that each pet and pet-owner are unique. One schnauzer dog may be a sweetheart and behave with respect for carpet while another seemingly identical schnauzer may turn the owner’s carpet into a barn floor. This is nearly impossible to recognize at the formation of the lease contract. Therefore, there is a degree of luck and risk involved with a pro-pet policy.


THE PET FIASCO: As with any lease addendum, pet policies are somewhat interpretive in language, enforceability and scope. As property management San Diego knows, there is an inherent difficulty in making pet clauses in leases specific enough, while maintaining an acceptable level of flexibility. Property owners have enough difficulty collecting delinquent rent payments without adding missing pet fees to the mix. Collecting money, either from security deposits or damage litigation, makes for additional hassle and headache. For owners, the advice of a solid property management firm on these issues is money well spent.

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