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7 Photography Tips to Improve Your Rental Listings in San Diego

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  1. Focus

Photos are the first thing a potential renter will see when browsing through homes or apartments for rent. Draw the viewer’s eye to what you want them to remember most about the property you are renting out. Focus on the best features while omitting anything that may cause distraction.


  1. Wide Shots


Always take plenty of photos at different angles that will show as much of the room as possible. Zooming in on counter tops and cabinets in the kitchen does not give the viewer enough information on the room size (which many renters find important).


  1. Consider the Angles


Shooting a room from a straight ahead view will make the room look smaller. Corner shots and different angles and heights will add dimension to the photo while make the room appear larger.


  1. Natural Light


Great photos is all about the lighting. Try to take photos during the day time with curtains and blinds open, allowing as much sunlight into the room as possible. Dark rooms will appear blurry and gloomy while natural sunlight makes a room appear clean and cheerful.


  1. Watch the Glare


While natural sunlight helps the room look warm and bright it’s important to watch that the sunlight doesn’t enter the room directly. Consider different angles that will show off the room without causing a glare from the sun.


  1. Get Rid of the People


Nothing’s worse than rental property photos that showcase the current residents or their pets. This distracts the viewer from the look of the room as they will be more concentrated on the person or animal captured in the picture.


  1. Use Photo Editing Tools Sparingly


Most smartphones come with photo editing tools that are easy to use, but be careful when it comes to adjusting the brightness or contrast too much. Overly edited photos can make it appear that the property management in San Diego is trying to hide undesirable features.


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Posted by: melroyproperties on January 24, 2019
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