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Property Management in San Diego – Design Trends to Avoid When Renovating Your Rental Property

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When you are preparing your property for rental you want it to look its best so you can get top dollar. However, there are certain trends that some renters follow when renovating that are either too costly or could end up turning renters away after the trend passes. Below are some pieces of advice from experienced professionals with years of experience in property management in San Diego.


One popular trend that has been noticed by professionals working in both residential and commercial property management is white on white bathrooms. These bathrooms have white walls and fixtures which are meant to make the room look clean and modern. However, they only look good when they are sparkling clean. It is generally easier and smarter to choose a neutral pastel and add natural elements to your rental unit’s bathroom, as it minimizes the necessary upkeep and is equally attractive.


Granite countertops are another trend that have been noticed on countless home improvement shows and by residential property management professionals. While it looks nice, granite is expensive and marble, quartz, or treated laminate are much cheaper and similarly durable. Also, with granite countertops being so ubiquitous, a backlash is almost inevitable, meaning that in a matter of years these countertops will look dated and need replacement.


Another popular trend from recent years is distressed cabinets. However, more and more renters and owners are realizing that, just like distressed jeans, the cabinets simply look old and used. If you have distressed cabinets, this could even be a good place to start renovations by updating them. Choose a neutral color or finish for cabinets. It is not a good idea to use very light colors because, similar to all-white bathrooms, light cabinets will show dirt, dust, and wear more than a darker shade. Very dark tones, though, like dark gray or black, will make the room look smaller. Light or medium walnut or pine stains, or basic colors such as ivory or even gray-blue, are suitable choices.


These are just a few simple pieces of advice to keep in mind when you begin renovating your rental property. If you need more advice or have other questions about how to prepare your rental property, please reach out to  Melroy Property Management and Investments at (858) 780-5111. Our professional and experienced staff is ready to help you in any management in San Diego

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