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Welcome to Melroy Property Management & Investments

When we opened our doors in 1969, the San Diego real estate and rental market was far different than it is today. But some things have not changed, particularly when it comes to good management practices. Quality rental investments are still developed the way they always have been, through careful attention to detail and strong relationships with both tenants and owners. At Melroy Property Management and Investments, we have built our business on delivering the best property management services available.

Most of our employees are property owners, and most have been or are currently resident managers. This makes them uniquely qualified to bring owners and tenants together. They understand the owner’s perspective, and they understand the needs of the renters. This gives them the ability to manage effectively, ensuring that all parties are satisfied.

If you are a property owner or are looking for a rental investment, please contact us now to see how we can help you reach your rental goals. If you are looking for a rental in the San Diego area, let us know. We can probably help you find exactly what you need.